Property Management Specialists

Servicing both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Property Management Specialists

Servicing both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Housian the Property Management Specialists

At Housian Property Agents we understand that profit, protection and communication are truly important to you when trusting us to manage your investment property. We don't believe in filling your head with empty promises OR adding hidden costs to your statement.

Rather than wasting your time by giving you a blah, blah speil we decided to help you answer the question: How do I choose a property manager that will live up to my expectations? Our strategy is to be transparent through opening our files, invite you to examine our track record and let you make a sound business decision based on facts not promises. Ask the same of every Agent on your 'shopping list' so you can compare Agents to make an informed decision. It will become 'crytal clear'! 

Property Management

Housian Property Agents are ready and willing to assist you by managing and maximising the potential of your property investments. We also take great pride in our relationships with our tenants.

What is effective property management? 

Effective management is much more than the occasional inspection and condition report. Effective management involves our whole team.

We aim to maximize your returns, minimize your stress and communicate with you to provide up-to-date information regarding your property investments and market updates.

We ensure our investors are getting the maximum rental possible from the market and we aim to minimise variability of income so that you can plan and we can manage your assets effectively.

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Selling Property

Selecting an agent to represent you during the sale of your property is a major decision that can have significant impact on the maximum return of your investment.

At Housian Property Agents understand the importance of this decision and offer all of our sellers a “No Obligation” strategic planning session, free of charge, to demonstrate just how different our approach really is.

What is your personal situation? Some of our clients want:

  • a quick sale  
  • to achieve a premium price
  • to spend money refurbishing their property
  • to sell on a budget

Whatever your personal situation is, our trained team will develop a strategy that marries your desired outcome with your current situation to achieve an optimum result.

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